Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy Bag Swap

Have you heard of busy bags? I love them, and so does Bailey! To sum it up, they are activities for toddlers, fun games that teach numbers, colors, letters, help develop fine motor skills, etc. I was scanning Pinterest (follow me here) and came across this and wanted to make my own set of bags. Then I thought, why make my own set when I could host a swap and get a wide selection of Busy Bags at a fraction of the time! Done!

The bags needed to meet certain criteria; self-contained, transportable, convenient, inexpensive, easy to make, re-usable. Love it. For more info, check out The Ringeys blog!

Here's the activities we chose, (link to instructions under picture)


Match lower and upper case letters, Play memory, or spell out words.

Geo Board

I had so much fun working on my project, and love playing the different games with Bailey. Thanks so much to all of the women who participated! Autumn, Brinda, Chantele, Colette, Erinn, Jenn, Kari, Karla, Kim, Kourtney, Lara, Lindsey, Marlese, Melissa, Natalie R., Natalie S., Rian, and Sarah!

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