Saturday, June 12, 2010


My latest project started while I was visiting family in Idaho in April and May. My Aunt Debbie lives in Portland, OR, and recently started working in a nursing home-like environment in a cafe/gift shop, or something, and my mom asked me to make some holiday aprons for Debbie as a birthday present. So here is what I came up with:

They're all a little different.

This one is the most basic in an Autumn print.

On the Halloween apron I added a ruffle to the bottom.

The Valentine apron has lace lining the bottom edge.

I really like this fabric. It makes me think of an old fashioned soda shop. So cute, with beads dangling on the bottom.

I put ric rac on the top of the Easter apron, and a pocket with ric rac on the bottom.

The Fourth of July apron might be my favorite. My husband gave me the idea to do a reverse applique in stars at the top. I also stitched the aprons to keep them from shifting when washed, and I tried to make a shooting star effect on this one.

The package should get there next week, I'm excited to see what she thinks!

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